This past weekend, I traveled to Blue Earth, where I grew up. We visited my Grandmother and I took the first look at some of my Grandpa’s tools since he passed away in May. I didn’t decide to get into hand tool wordworking until after he passed regrettably, but I guess I can connect with who he was even now by pursuing woodworking on my own, and sharing it with my son.

My Grandpa wasn’t hand tools only, and I don’t think he even owned a hand plane. But he did get into saw sharpening later in life, and had a variety of hand saws he was working on. I took a few with me, with plans to restore them. The biggest being a large Disston rip saw, probably a D7 or D8. I have quite a bit of fixup to do on some of them. Not to mention learning to properly saw.

My existing bench is now in my basement, and I’ve started to setup shop.