Well my intentions to make the stepstool fell through because I didn’t have the tools needed to do a job I felt good about. My edges were way off square, and it wasn’t something I could fix on a shooting board due to the size of the piece. And I didn’t have a shooting board.

My plan changed when I decided to visit the Woodcraft store in Bloomington, MN. I came across a cutting board kit they had on sale, and thought… I Can Do That! So I picked up a new 2″ Hock blade and chipbreaker and the cutting board kit and hit the road.

I need to get this done in a couple of days, so I did my glueup hastily before going to bed. What a mess. I did wipe off the squeeze out, but still. It wasn’t a straight glue up and it leaves me with more planing than I’d like.

Tomorrow I need to prep my new Hock iron and put it to work!