When ordering a few things to get some Christmas presents done, I added a calendar to an order from Lee Valley as well as Lie-Nielsen. I thought I’d put one up at work, and one a home.

First impressions. I love the Lie-Nielsen calendar. It has a clean modern design, with a sans serif font, and a single featured product per month. It’s a larger size than the Lee Valley, and it’s on premium paper with some stiffness to it. Very nice.

The Lee Valley calendar is smaller, and hasn’t much for stiffness to it at all. It reminds me of the calendars you get free at Fleet Farm or from your realtor. But what about the content? Well it’s a mixed bag. They have some nice vintage tool imagery, which is definitely the highlight of this calendar (just like their catalog covers), but the paper is flimsy (similar to the catalog) and the design is just not my style. Again, somewhat like you’d get in a free calendar. Except this one costs $6. They also have a few other tools dispersed throughout the months and featured along the sides and bottom in the calendar. It’s a stark contrast to the almost minimalist style of the Lie-Nielsen.

For only $4 more, I’d definitely go with the Lie-Nielsen on this one. My 2 cents.