Today I attended Mike Siemsen’s School of Woodworking for a class on sharpening Hand Saws. I brought two Disston D-23 crosscut saws with me, one in 8pt and another in 10pt. I learned a ton today, and it was fun to learn alongside others experiencing the same thing for the first time. Funny, one guy mentioned his job was being “a computer guy”, and at least 5 others, including me, said the same. Must be an attraction to hand tool woodworking for those immersed in technology on a daily basis. I really enjoyed the class, and hope to attend more of Mike’s classes in the future. He’s a good guy to learn from, and a real nice guy.

As for my saws, I started with my 8pt, and did an OK job on it. I put too much set on it, not knowing how to adjust my saw set. I learned from my mistakes on my 10pt, and I really like how that one turned out. Very sweet to cut with.

There was something really cool about learning to do something my Grandfather was interested in late in life. The saws, vise and files I have are all from him, and the 10pt saw was his too. Hopefully these skills last me a lifetime, and I can pass them on to my grandkids.