It’s 2013, and I’ve received renewal notices for organizations and publications I subscribe to. I received Popular Woodworking and Fine Woodworking last year, first time for both. I’m not renewing either one. Why? Because neither actually helped me do any woodworking.

I haven’t posted much on here since last June, which is the same month my daughter was born. Two kids, two parents with demanding, full-time jobs has been difficult, and most of the time I don’t get time in the shop. So I tend to read alot. I can read blogs on my phone while on the bus, or in the middle of the night feeding my daughter. One such blog post struck home, from chairmaker Jeff Miller.

Jeff posted in early December about improving skills and the roadblocks that can get in the way. The second item on the list was surprising to see, “Stop reading quite so much (or watching so many videos) and start making stuff.”

This hit home for me, as that’s all I’ve done this past year. That and acquire tools. So when those magazine renewals came, I ripped them up before I could second guess myself. Instead I’ve decided to subscribe to another publication, Fine Tool Journal. This publication is focused on hand tools, and is only 4 issues a year. I’ve also decided to drop membership with EAIA, as I didn’t see much benefit from it in 2012.

I still continue to buy books, including many from Lost Art Press. And hopefully I find a way to make time for more actual woodworking in 2013.