This past Saturday was the Cabin Fever meet near my house again. I was highly anticipating this, as I loved going last year. I showed up early, and wow, the turnout was twice the number from last year! I was overwhelmed at the number of tables stuffed with tools.

I had a few things I knew I wanted to find, and I did well on some of them. I picked up a 12″ Starrett Combination Square from the same guy I bought the Bridge City from last year. I also finally found a decent single bevel axe, a True Temper Flint Edge. And I finally have my own Fray brace. But my favorite find happened much like last year. Show was getting close to over, I’m digging through some crates on the floor, and then I pick up this thick set of dividers, which felt like they must weigh over a pound. Wow.

I had $9 left in cash, so I offered it to the guy and they were mine. I don’t think they are blacksmith made, but they are definitely alot heavier duty than any I’ve seen. They are solid, and I love the chamfers and almost architectural details.

I can only attribute this lucky find with wearing my new Lost Art Press hat.