After reading all the posts by Chris Schwarz on screwdrivers, I started looking closer into picking up some that have hollow-ground tips. I currently own the wooden handled set from Felo. Great handles, but the tips are the standard tapered style.

I checked out the elemen’tary driver that Chris mentioned. It looks very nice, but expensive when you start buying bits from Brownells on top of it. But I like the idea of interchangeable bits, it takes up less space than another set in the tool chest.

I came across MegaPro screwdrivers, which are made in the USA, and come in many configurations in general or trade-specific varieties. The slotted bits in these drivers are hollow-ground like the Brownells. Looking at the product images on their site will show you what bits each come with. The general models come with odd bits like Robertson and hex bits. I don’t use square drive, and I prefer Allen style wrenches for hex. Then I found a model intended for HVAC that actually looks decent for woodworking. I ordered one, and just received it.

The HVAC model has a plastic (ABS) handle which stores the bits inside, and thus is on the larger side. For me it fits and feels great. The bits included are #0-3 Phillips, including extras of the common #2. For hollow-ground slotted bits you’ve got 3, 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. You’ve also got a square awl which is unique, basically a birdcage awl bit. The only trade specific bit is the valve stem bit. But otherwise you’ve got a made in USA product that can store the bits inside the tool itself and looks to be very well made at a good price.