Today I made my annual pilgrimage (about 3 miles away from my house) to my local area meet for the Mid-West Tool Collector’s Association. This year was even more packed than last year. I picked up a German hatchet, an Adze and a large Witherby chisel. I heard the voice of Mike Siemsen talking, and when I looked up I saw Christopher Schwarz filming Mike! I found out later from Mike that they were doing a video on getting tools to start out. I introduced myself, and only noticed later that the other half of Lost Art Press was also standing there. Sorry John! I am a huge fan of their work, and it was a cool surprise!

The photo below shows Chris asking Mike about saws. I overheard this exchange.

Chris (while filming): “So how many saws do you need?”

Mike: “As many as you can get.”

To which the response was laughter and something like “now don’t tell them that!”. It looked like they were having fun, and Mike continued to fill his 5-gallon home center bucket with bargain tools. I’m sure the video will be good stuff.